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    Set Number of Expressions in an Extension

    Nicole Smith

      Like the bullet chart that came with the Extension Examples in QV11 (attached), I want to have an extension that has multiple expressions, but the number of expressions needs to be fixed (I specifically want 4--the bullet chart has 5).  I am able to get extensions to work that contain only one expression, and I am able to use [Multiple=""] to let the user define the number of expressions, but when I try to predefine a fixed number of expressions that is greater than 1, QlikView only keeps the first expression (you can see this in the bullet chart properties--if you type something into Measurement2, Measurement3, Measurement4, or Measurement5, close the properties window, and open the properties window again, whatever you typed into Measurements 2, 3, 4, and 5 is gone).  Am I doing something incorrect, or is this a bug?  If it's a bug, is there a known workaround?  Thanks for your help!

        • Set Number of Expressions in an Extension
          Erik Wetterberg

          Yes, I'm afraid it's a bug.


          In a autogenerated properties page only the first measure will work. The reason is that the generated code for the second measure is:

              <div class='prop-grid_span-7 prop-grid_last' style='width:94%;' avq='prop_editexpression:.Chart.Expression.0.1.Definition'></div>


          it should be:

              <div class='prop-grid_span-7 prop-grid_last' style='width:94%;' avq='prop_editexpression:.Chart.Expression.1.0.Definition'></div>


          There is a workaround: Make a copy of DynProperties.qvpp, correct the line(s) that are wrong, and add a reference to the corrected qvpp file in your Definition.xml:


          <ExtensionObject Label="Bullet Chart" Description="Bullet Chart" PropertiesPage="Properties2.qvpp"