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    QVD optimized load when field values contain leading zeroes

      Hi all --


      I apologize if this has been discussed previously, I searched but didn't find anything.


      Does anyone know how to do an optimized qvd load if a field contains values with leading zeroes?  Our product SKUs are text fields comprised of numeric strings some of which have leading zeros, for example SKU 13105 is a 1/4" bolt sold in bulk whereas SKU 013105 is the same 1/4" bolt sold in packages of 100.  The issue we're running into is that Qlikview is dropping the leading zero because it's interpretting the value as a number so I've had to use text() in the load script.  This causes the load to not be optimized.  Is there a script setting which would allow me to load the SKU without the transformation and retain that leading zero?