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    Maximum Number of Dimension

    Shubham Kumar

      What can be the maximum number of dimension in a chart?

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          Cesar Accardi

          Hi, i think it depends on the chart you are using... If you want a gauge chart you wont use any dimension, a bar/line chart usually uses 1-2 dimensions, 2-3 dimensions in the grid chart, a pizza chart usually 1 dimension...



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            Henric Cronström

            There are two limitations: One is the formal number of Dimensions and the other is the memory aspect.


            The formal number of dimensions depends on which chart. For example, a bar chart can have 3 Dimensions and 1 Expression (or 2 Dim and several Expr). A pie chart can have 2 Dimensions and 1 expression. But a pivot table can have any number of dimensions and any number of expressions.


            The memory aspect is worse. A chart is a cube, which means that the memory usage increases exponentially with the number of dimensions. How many dimensions you can have depends on how many distinct values they have. A simple rule of thumbs is: Never more than 4 dimensions.



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              Sunil Chauhan

              I thing 2 is max to plot   when you have more that 2 dimension it will plot but it will not be legible. so suggest you to 2 Dimesion

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                Rama Sai

                Hi Subham


                Chart Type    Dimension    Expression

                Bar                  Atmost 2         no limit

                Line                  only 1             No limit

                Pie                  Atmost 2         only 1

                Gauge             no dimension    no limit

                Pivot                No limit            No limit

                Straight            No limit            No limit

                Grid                 Atleast 3          only 1

                Radar              Only 1             No limit

                Mekko             Only 1             No limit

                Bloack             No limit           Only 1

                Funnal             Only 1             Only 1

                Scatter             No limit           Atmost 2 and 3rd expression decide the size of symbol

                Combo             Atmost 2         No limit

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                    Henric Cronström

                    To find the largest number of dimensions, you need to understand the concept of "Dimensionality". See  Chart Dimensionality.


                    For example, a bar chart with two dimensions and one measure has dimensionality=2. But the same is true for a bar chart with one dimension and several measures. So basically, you can calculate the dimensionality using

                    = NumberOfDimensions + If(NumberOfMeasures>1, 1, 0)


                    Further, there is a difference between what is possible and what is sensible. The software allows a pie chart with two dimensions and one measure (i.e. dimensionality=2) but in my experience it is not sensible to create such a thing. The user should understand what he is looking at...


                    With this definition, the table looks like