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    How to select single expression (in a line chart)  from a legend

      Hi all,


      I have a line chart that is having 4 different expressions.

      That is, for each line in the chart, there is one expression and in legend, an expression-name corresponding to the respective line color.


      It looks like what is given here


      Now my problem is, I am not able to select one expression to see its corresponding line alone.


      (I know that in case of multiple line charts where there is only one expression and the different lines corresponds to different values of some dimension, it is possible to select the dimension value by clicking the same from legend. But in this case, I am having different expressions for each line)


      Is there any way by which I can get a selection over the required expression?


      That is, if I want the chart to display only expression 1, I should be able to do it, clicking exp 1 in the legend.



      Vishnu S