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    [SR10] How are calculated concurrent accesses

    Nicolas Stefaniuk



      I would like to know how are calculated concurrent accesses to estimate the concurrent licenses I need to buy.


      For example I have 10 concurrent licenses and 10 Named CAL for developers.


      If I open document1 with IE plugin it counts 1 session

      If I open document2 with IE plugin it counts 1 session more

      If I open again document2 with IE plugin, in other window, it counts 1 session more

      If I open document3 with ajax it counts 1 session more

      If I open document3 10 times with ajax it counts no more session


      If I close my document opened with IE plugin the session is removed immediately


      If I close my document opened with Ajax the session stays alive (for the timeout duration I guess)


      As far as I know, a session is counted as "alived" 15mn after it ends (to avoid high frequency use of concurrent licenses)


      So my questions are:

      - does Qlikview block access when 10 concurrent sessions are opened or when 10 distinct users have created sessions ?

      - In the case Qlikview look at sessions and not distinct users, does the IE plugin multiple sessions count ? So A user can lock the server just opening 10 times the same document?

      - Does Qlikview count the Named CAL in the concurrent sessions / users ?

      - If not, it means that Named CAL users could open several sessions without blocking concurrent users? I mean, if the 10 Named CAL users are logged in, the concurrent users are blocked or they can log in ?

      - If the server is blocked because the 10 concurrent sessions are in use, can the Named CAL users log in ?



      Thanks for your help

        • Re: [SR10] How are calculated concurrent accesses
          Johannes Sunden

          The named cal users can open any amount of sessions without blocking the session cals.

          If dynamic cal allocation is on, the named cals will be assigned first but if you lock down the named cal allocation, or no more named cals are available, QVS will hand out session cals which are just that, one per session.

          The Ajax client has a Close button in the top right corner to kill the session immidiately, if the browser window is closed the session will be timed out after a little while.

          A named CAL user can always log in.