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    Scatter Chart Pop Up Label Issue

    Siddharth Kulkarni

      Hi All,


      I have been successfully implementing this with ease in google maps etc in the past, but facing an issue for the first time.



      A & B & C


      Expression 1


      Expression 2:


      Expession 3(For Size):


      Expession 4(For Pop Up):

      'First=' & sum(X) & 'Second' & sum(Y) & 'Third=' & sum(Z)



      By Default, the bubbles appears only if expression 4 is disabled.

      If I am enable expression 4, the bubbles disappear and I only see the dimesion legend on the right.

      The bubbles re-appear with the 4th expression enabled and pop up visible, ONLY if I limit my selections with something at a lower level (Which also tell me nothing is wrong with expression 4)


      One thing to note is that the dataset is huge , so is the dimension list (combination key of A & B & C). Tried increasing dimesion limitation and max labels but didnt help either


      Can any one point out a mistake I could be making or is there a limitation/bug somewhere? Any help will be appreciated1