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    Final document is different from what I designed

    Chirag Chhatralia



      I've been working on a qvd for a while and in order to demo where we placed the document on the Qlikview server so we can access it through the web AccessPoint.


      What I noticed was that a lot of the presentation and formatting appears to change from the design to the web version.  For example the serch box is much bigger in the Qlikview application; the list-boxes are move equally spaced; I'm noticing that tabs on containers are so small you can't read the title; caption titles are not spaced as I designed.  These are only a few of the issues I'm noticing.


      Is there a reason why the web view would differ so vastly from the qvd I designed?




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          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce



          I'm assuming that QlikView Desktop and QlikView Server are the same version (for example, 11.00.11282). If this is the case, then the most likely reason is that you developed using a very different screen resolution with Desktop, and you are viewing the files in AccessPoint with the Ajax client, The Ajax client, as opposted to the Plugin client, cannot autozoom, unless you increase or decrease the zoom factor of the entire page.


          There is a button in the toolbar of QlikView, as well as in the View menu that is very useful when you aim to Ajax users, that is "Turn on/of Webview". Webview is the closest approach to what the users will see using an Ajax client in your Desktop. Use it when developing or install the IE Plugin in your clients.


          Hope that helps.