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    Extremely slow Excel export

    Jason Michaelides

      Hi all,


      I have a pretty large data model (almost 200m rows across over 100 fields, many of which are financial figures with high levels of distinct values). The performance in charts etc is generally OK (I've used all best practice for the model and expressions, although I'm going to try replacing some of the set analysis for flags) - my problem is the Excel export.


      My user-base are primarily accountants. It'll take time to shift the culture to realise they can do most things in QV and don't need to use Excel so much, so in the meantime I need to provide decent export functionality. My issue is I just don't understand why the Excel export is performing so shockingly slowly. I may have 200m rows of data, but if my chart only has 10k rows and maybe 10 columns, it still takes around 10-15 minutes to export the chart.


      I am using v11 SR2 and the issue is there whether I export from the desktop client or the web client.


      Am I missing something? It almost feels like QV is calcaulating the chart for the full number of possible rows and expressions, before deciding to only export 10k of the rows. (The chart has over 50 expressions, but they are conditionally enabled/disabled and this issue is seen with only 5 of them enabled.)


      I've tried using various macros instead of the XL button on the cpation bar to no avail,


      Has anyone else had this issue and have you resolved it!?