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    Max field value?

    Alex Finkel



      Please see my attached example.


      I would like to show data for all fields but only when the values in the specified field are equal to the Maximum value of that field.

      In this case i only want to show rows where journey_length is the largest value specific to the JoinField dimension - i have marked the rows in bold.


      I created the expression =aggr(max(journey_length),JoinField) but this does not work as i expected- the MaxLength is not shown against the records i expected.

      I had initially planned to modify the Duration expression to sum the Journey_Duration if the MaxLength is equal to avg (journey_length) but as the Max length is not calculated in every row i am stumped.


      This has been a difficult question to express in black and white so if there are any questions please get in touch.


      Please see the attached spreadsheet for an export of my table along with the expressions.