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    Combined Line/Scatter Chart

      I want to create a chart that includes both a line chart and a scatter chart (plotted against the same dimension). Therefore, I figure the combo chart should do the trick. However, when I set one expression to graph 'line' and the other expression to graph 'symbol', both expressions graph lines (neither graph symbols). I can't figure out why. Am I missing something, or is this a bug in Qlikview? Thanks.

        • Combines Line/Scatter Chart
          John Witherspoon

          Well, I'm fairly confident that I've graphed lines, bars and symbols independently in combo charts. A combo chart isn't exactly a scatter chart, but I suppose if you have a continuous axis for X, and then plot symbols instead of lines or bars, it would be functionally equivalent. So I'm not sure why it wouldn't work. Can you post a small sample file demonstrating the problem?

            • Combines Line/Scatter Chart

              Hey John,

              Thanks for your quick reply. I've attached a sample QVW file to this post. You can see my sample data in the list box or script (I loaded the sample data inline). From what I can tell, I see two problems:

              1) The LineData and ScatterData at Time=0 does not plot at all.

              2) The two ScatterData points at Time=1 do not plot correctly. Instead, it seems that only the first entry appears on the chart.

              What I want is to have the LineData plot as a continuous line and the ScatterData plot as multiple unique points on the chart. Am I using the right tools? If not, what should I be using? If my process seems correct and this should infact work, what's the best place to log a bug with Qlikview?

              Many thanks,


                • Combines Line/Scatter Chart
                  John Witherspoon

                  OK, I see what's going wrong. Your line chart needs one dimension field, and your scatter chart needs two dimension fields. I should have realized that, but I guess it took an example to drive it home. If you remove the ScatterData dimension, your LineData will plot correctly. And if you leave the ScatterData dimension in, and remove the LineData expression, your ScatterData will plot correctly. Alas, there doesn't seem to be any way to have both one dimension field and two dimension fields at the same time.

                  The only solution I can think of right now is to overlay two charts with equal, fixed, continuous axes, and make the top chart transparent. Some drawbacks - two charts to maintain, and can only mouse over and select on the top chart.

                  Maybe someone else can see a better way to handle it.