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    extract customer name on load

      Hi Experts

      I have loads of data in a table column called TICKET which is formatted like this :

      Contract Ref (16 Alphanumeric )
      Customer Number (9 digits)
      Customer Name ( Alphanumeric - Unknown Length)
      Inputter (5 numbers)
      Space( Up until a string length of 70 in total)


      In the script I have used left & mid Functions to create columns Contract Ref & Customer number


      But now I need Customer Name, I'm sure its a combination of mid?Lefts etc , if I was to do this in Excel I'd use finds but I dont believe I can use them in Qlik,


      See desired reults in table below -


      Any suggestions really Appreciated





      ABCDE12345600001 400000001 HOP SCOTCH LTD 10005                       70HOP SCOTCH LTD
      ABCDE12345600003 400000002 ANNE MOONED 10006                          70ANNE MOONED
      ABCDE12345600001 400000001 SPACESHIPS & SUITS TO LET 10007            70SPACESHIPS & SUITS TO LET
      ABCDE12345600002 400000001  SPACESHIPS & SUITS TO LET 10007           70SPACESHIPS & SUITS TO LET
      ABCDE12345600001 400000001 ROCKS ON 01203                             70ROCKS ON