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    exporting table into excel with keeping numbers and images into it



      I have a problem with export from QV to Excel using a macro of tables which contains images as expressions:


      I have a table as below (with numbers and smily faces for trends) and I want to export it using a macro directly into an excel file.


      yearly comparison.png

      My current macro is


      aryExport(1,0) = "CH84"
      aryExport(1,1) = "Overview on All Products"
      aryExport(1,2) = "A10"
      aryExport(1,3) = "data"


      But, the result of export is a table which does not contains images in the field of trend, but only the definition as below. If I use aryExport(1,3) = "image", it will export me a picture with no right to use data



      Working PointMonth2011 [TRON]2012 [TRON]YTD [TRON]
      OradeaSales 20112.398,7402.398,74
      Sales 201202.383,702.383,70
      Delta Abs-2.398,742.383,70-15,04
      Delta %-100.00%n/a-0.63%
      HalmeuSales 20110 0
      Sales 20120 0
      Delta Abs0 0
      Delta %n/a n/a
      Total Sales 2011 2.398,7402.398,74
      Sales 2012 02.383,702.383,70
      Delta Abs-2.398,742.383,70-15,04
      Delta %-100.00%n/a -0.63%
      qmem://<bundled>/BuiltIn/smiley3_r.png qmem://<bundled>/BuiltIn/smiley1_g.png qmem://<bundled>/BuiltIn/smiley3_r.png


      Does someone have an idea about what to add into macro script for having the table into excel with those smily faces instead of that text?


      Thank you!