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    Expression does not show certain data



      I have build a straight chart which picks up all of data from a field called suppgroup.  One of my expression for the total amount of calls in the suppgroup is count(suppgroup) which pulls through the correct data.  I want to be able to find a certain amount of calls from the suppgroup which are closed (which comes from the field call_status_full.  An example of this would be that in the suppgroup, I have 200 calls, 150 of which have been closed.

      To find the ones that have been closed I wrote the following expression:


      =if(call_status_full = 'Closed', count(suppgroup))


      However when I have a look back at the straight chart, unless the total of suppgroup is the same as the amount that are closed, nothing appears.  It only shows NULL. 

      Is there a way that you can show just the closed calls?




      Jon Ditchfield