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    Want a help to Change the List Box Selected Green Colour to Blue

    Shantanu Sardar

      Hello Forums/Friends,


      I had tried my best to change the color of list box. I mean when we select the value in List box it is showing "Green". But I want in "Blue"

      After lot of surffing I got on NoGreen.QAR file. Which I had unzipped and the 3 files(Definition.xml, NoGreen.css, Script.js) is unzipped in "QlikTech\QlikView\Extensions\Document\NoGreen" folder. As per the instruction in Definition.xml I had changed the Script.js file.


      And for information in Qlikview Desktop in Setting->Document Properties I had ticked the "Use WebView in Layout".


      After doing all above process I had closed and Open the QV desktop so that effect take place. But not Successed.


      It will great help if anybody can show me the some wayout.



      Thanks in Advance