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    Combo Chart Legend issue... very strange

      I have a Combo chart rendering as a Line Chart. Its a very simple chart, but having difficulty replicating the Sample Excel Chart.


      The Source Legend wont show. Only the SQFT. I played with the Dimension Order to get it to work. But no Luck. Perhaps my data set is set up wrong?


      The Expression is just the =SQFT dropped in. No summation needed. I'm beginning to think QV is not very flexible or there is a bug or perhaps my stupidity is the cause.



      I need to also create a Pie Chart with Same/Similar expression showing the distribution of SQFT. Right now I can only get a double donut that does not make sense.



      Please see the attached QVW file and data. This is a sample of what I'm doing for a client so that's why Im desperate.


      Thanks All,