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    Cannot find users in management console.

    Fei Xu

      Hello everyone,

      My client has 40 named CALs and 39 of them have been assigned. I want to assign the last one to a user. I have created that user in the local users and groups on the server. However when I try to assign CAL to him in the management console, I cannot find him.


      I have used the wildcard character in Search for Users and Groups. After I added him to the local users and groups, I have log off and log on, I have tried restart the QV directory server and management service, I even have restarted the whole server. But I still cannot find that user in management console and therefore cannot assign CAL for him.


      Can anyone help with this? Apart from creating the user in the local users and groups on the server, what do I need to do before assign CAL in management console?