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    Show script after distribution dashboard via publisher

      We are distribute a document with below settings on server level and section access on document level via publisher to the Qlikview Enterprise Server.

      Only developers may download this document, but when I have download it I can't edit the script of section access for example anymore. The script is hidden. How do I make it possible that I may edit the script again?      


      Source document task, tab reload: 


      Source document task, Tab Distribute:


      Settings in the document properties of the document, tab opening:

      Opening document properties.png

      Settings in the document properties of tab Security before reload and distribution:




      The section access in script of the document:


      Star is *;

      Section Access;

      LOAD * INLINE [

          ACCESS,      USERID,                PASSWORD,           NTNAME,      AREA, DISTRICT

          ADMIN,           DMIN,                       ADMIN,                          *,               *,             *
          USER,            JAN,                          JAN,                               *,               *,             *

          USER,            PIET,                         PIET,                              *,               *,            C

          USER,            KEES,                        KEES,                            *,               B,            *





      LOAD * INLINE [

      SalesArea,    AREA
      48I-C-BB,      A
      48I-C-CC,      B

      *,                    Z




      LOAD * INLINE [

      SalesDistrict, DISTRICT
      48I-C,              48C

         *,                      Z