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    input field values lost after reload

    christian juillard

      Hi everybody,


      I'm using input fields in pivot table. So each user can input a value on lines.

      But after a reload every values input have disapeared!

      The goal is to keep those values because everybody must input and the values have to be shared.


      I thought this was stored in .shared files.


      Am i wrong?

      How can I keep and share this input fields?


      best regards


        • Re: input field values lost after reload

          Hi Chris,

          The values entered in the input box are usually assigned to variables and qlikview saves only the information about server objects, and not the data itself, in the .shared files .


          If you'd want to save the data for future use; you'd have to write a macro to save the input data to some file and read from it while relaoding the document. so that all the inputs values are available for use in the UI.


          Also, writing a procedure to save the data via access point can become tricky at time. As we know macro functionality is limited when used with Ajax. IE plugin provides better functionality, however, at times i find it to be inconsistent.


          See the sample to write data from QV document to a XML file. You can tweak it to fit to your requirement.

          Sub ExportToXML()

          dim FilePath

          FilePath = ActiveDocument.Evaluate("replace(documentpath(), documentname(), '')")

          FileName = ActiveDocument.Evaluate("replace(documentname(), '.qvw', '.xml')")

          TableID     = InputBox("Enter Table Object ID to export","User Input")

          'TableID = UCase(TableID)

          if Len(TableID) > 0 then

          Set ExportTable = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject(TableID)

          '     Set ExportTable = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("TB08")

          ExportTable.ExportXml FilePath & FileName

          End if

          End Sub