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    [best practice] how to decode numeric values into intelligible strings

      Dear all,


      I have a table in AS400 which is carrying a hefty number of fields populated by numeric values (usually no more than 4).


      Those numeric values have of course a meaning behidn it, and here I am asking to you what is the best practice to accomplish that?


      What I can think of is:




      creating x INLINE tables as the x fields that need this translation


      B. IF in the script


      in the LOAD script of this AS400 table, writing the script as (if(field=1,'apple', if(field=2, 'banana', 'mango'))


      C. IF in the QVW


      Simply, in the UI lsit box or table, I input there the IF statement to "translate" the numeric values



      What is the best approach? and further, are there some other approaches?


      Thank you very much for your opinions!