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    Missing Document cals?

    Swarup Malli



      We are using QVS version 11, and I just found out that 11 document cals are missing.I went through all the qvws which have been assigned cals.And after adding up all the cals assigned to docuemnts, I'm not able to account for 11 missing doc cals.


      How do I recover the missing doc cals,




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          Michael Jordan

          Hi SM,


          The same issue happened with me few days back. I contacted the Support and they send me the attached PDF as a list of three possible solutions.


          Kindly note that the solutions are available where the CALS are limited or less in Number.


          I am sure that you could See Some dummy Document with Upper Case at the root of mounted folder just like the one shown in below image.




          For me I followed these steps

               1. Stopped all Qlikview Services.

               2. Deleted all CalData.pgo

               3. Restart all Qlikview Services.

               4. Allocate all licences once again.


          Thanks ..


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            Hello everyone !


            I'm facing the same problem.


            The thing is I don't know how to apply the resolution steps..


            1/ how do I stop and restart the qv services ? And also what will the consequences  be on the scheduled tasks (if there will be some) ?


            thank you for your help

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                Hello Laura


                Really sorry for the late reply. Is this now sorted yet?


                First of all, restarting the qlikview services is not risky.


                You can either restart  the services manually or use a batch file stated here:






                Remote desktop to the Qlikview Server and enter Services.msc in the Run prompt. You can also Remote Manage the server to acess the list of services:


                stop "QlikView WebServer"

                stop "QlikViewServer"

                stop "QlikView Publisher Command Center Service"

                stop "Qlikview Management Service"

                stop "QlikView Distribution Service"

                stop "QlikView Directory Service Connector"


                start "QlikView WebServer"

                start "QlikViewServer"

                start "QlikView Publisher Command Center Service"

                start "Qlikview Management Service"

                start "QlikView Distribution Service"

                start "QlikView Directory Service Connector"


                What happened is that the server licence database got currupt.


                To be able to delete the PGO files, the server must let go of these files. The Qlikview Services that are running applictions hold onto these files and so must be momentarally stopped while you delete the PGO files.


                When the services are started again, the Qlikview Server will dynamically create the PGO files again but unfortunately blank ones.


                Thats why its important to write down your allocations first since this all get lost when your licences are all returned.


                Apologies for now being so detailed before.

                Good luck, Jude


                Hope this answers youre question.

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                  Mohammed Ashfaq Ali


                  Can you open new thread for the same.