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    AccessPoint URL



      My URL for access point is something like:



      I'ld like to make it simplier with something like:




      I went in the QEMC, to the "Web" tab and changed "QLIKVIEW" to "" (empty).

      When I tried to restart the service, it wont restart.


      I've found the config file, and replaced "" by "QLIKVIEW" --> service can restart.


      I thought that I can't remove "QLIKVIEW", but I can add a new redirection. But when I add a redirection, service don't restart.



      1. How can I manage to have


      as access point URL?



      2. Why the hell is there some modifiable parameters in the QEMC where, when changed, make the service ineffective?





      I'm using QV server v11 SR 2 with QV web server.