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    Sum between date in table

    Luca Marasi

      Good morning all,


      Can someone please help me with some syntax?


      I have two fields named StartDate and EndDate and I need to sum the total amount of Value that falls into them and the selection in dates.



      I try this


      Sum( {$<Date = {“>=$(=Only(StartDate))<=$(=Only(EndDate))”} >} InvoiceAmount)


      But this doesn't work in my table.


      dim 1startdateenddate

      Sum( {$<Date = {“>=$(=Only(StartDate))<=$(=Only(EndDate))”} >} InvoiceAmount)




      I need to select the year, for example 2013, but i want that my expression show the amount starting at 17/01/13 for first row and at 18/02/2013 for second row.


      Can anyone help me, please?