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    lost document cals

    Ali Hijazi


      we recently renamed a document without removing the document cals assigned to it in the first place

      Actually we forgot the old name

      Now how can i retrieve document cals assigned to old document (old name)

      Knowing that the qlikTech folder is backed up what is the file to restore? CalData.pgo found in Documents or in QlikView Server folders?


      Please advise

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          Bill Britt



          You can try dropping another QVW into the folder with the old name. Then clear the CALs and once this is done delete the old QVW.



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              Ali Hijazi

              I have another case now

              there is a cluster of 2 QlikView servers

              The client restarted the main qlikveiw server and the document cals are lost (all documents had 0 assigned document CALs

              I was told by QlikTech that there is an order to follow whenever a restart is needed

              Anyway now the problem is on how can I rapidly reassign CALs rapidly?

              Shall I restore the CalData.pgo file (knowing that the QlikTech folder is backedup on daily basis)

              Please advise

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              Like Bill says - Try make a new document, but with same name. Then you should be able to remove the document calc. However its not always the case, i have the same problem where i have documents i cannot delete because an license is attached to them. But i cannot delete them.,

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                If you don't remember the old document name, Please follow these steps.


                1- Stop all Qlikview Servers.


                2-Clear all .pgo files. Not only in Document folder. Search your Server disk by typing *.pgo and delete all. (Of course back up them first)


                3- Start all Qlikview Servers.


                4-Attach Document and Named CALS and try not to forget deleted document names or first detach Document CALS

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                  There is another good resolution, which will not require you to assign the CALs again.


                  1)Stop the QlikView Server service.

                  2)Add PgoAsXmlAlso=1 under [Settings 7] in the Settings.ini file located in %ProgramData%\QlikTech\QlikViewServer (default location)

                  3)Restart the QlikView Server service

                  4)Navigate to Root Directory and Open the CalData.pgo.xml file to determine to which document the

                  CALs were assigned

                  5) Create a new blank QVW file named the same as document listed in CalData.pgo.xml & save it in

                  the Root directory

                  6) In Management Console, navigate to Documents > User Documents and locate QWV created in the

                  previous step

                  7) Click Document CALs tab and set Number of CALs allocated to this Document to zero and click



                  This worked like a charm for me.

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                    Hi ,


                    I think, if you delete documents and cal was applied to them. After delete or un-apply

                    doc cals  , doc cals may assigned to some other document .please check no of cals allocated to other document .



                    D J

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                      Cesar Augusto Beristain Lopez



                      In my case i try use SagarG method, but i dont find CalData.pgo.xml file only exist BorrowedCalData.pgo.xml , IniData.pgo.xml, ServerCounters.pgo.xls and TicketData.pgo.xml.


                      do you know anyone form of retrieve cals ?