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    Problem with map and getting the latitude/longitude

      Hey guys,


      I am trying to update my database integrating with another different, and I am having now a problem when I try to see some maps that apply to certain places. it's like this:


      I have a database called "Company_Name", each linked to another called "meta_key", inside there is "service center capability", "location latitude" and "location longitude". When I click on "service center capability", it shows the capabilities the specified service center have. I want then, for example, choose one capability, for example (Aircraft    BASE  Phenom 300), then it shows in the map all Companies that perform this maintenance BASE on Phenom 300s. The problem is that doesn't work doing that, because they don't like the latitude and longitude directed to it... Attached is the problem,


      Can someone help me please???


      Thank you alot.