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    Bad performance with external object ?

    Jonathan Tago

      Hi all

      I’m having major performance issues (model freezes, long calc time, lots of lost session and etc.)  The problem seems to be from the external object, we saw that after we remove this object the model runs very good no lost session and etc. Also tried to move the object to another sheet/ tab in order to improve the performance but still as long as the external object is in the model we experience bad performance even through its not used and no calculations should be done.

      Could it be that the external object keeps on running throughout the whole time the model is up? And it eats up all the resources? How could I check this? How can I see the calc time for the external object?



        • Re: Bad performance with external object ?
          Alexander Karlsson

          Hi Jonathan,


          The extension object should only calculate if you are in that specific sheet the object is placed on.

          It's hard to give you specific pointers on what to improve since extension objects is external code it's very much up to the developer that built the object to make sure it performs well. If someone would write a infinitive loop in a extension object that could cause all major sorts of problems.


          If you are running the app off accesspoint you could always press F12 which would bring up your developer tools in your browser if you want to track load times.