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    QlikView SVG Map Extension

    Cedric Lupo



      i'm trying to get the SVG map extension work (QlikView SVG Map), i downloaded and followed the tutorial on the word file. It's installed and I displayed the container of the map (white page).


      I also created an excel file with the ISO 3166-2 codes from ISO 3166-2 State Codes | CommonDataHub and inserted it in qlikview.


      What I want is to display the european map with the name of the countries on my document, however, it seems to not recognize my ISO extensions, even after I get doing SubField([ISO 3166-2 Sub-division/State Code],'-',2) as [Regional ISO Code] in the code, which allows me to have the extension for the subdivisions.

      Does anyone have any experience on this and the way to treat it?


      thanks a lot!!


      P.S.:I left the links so it can help people getting further in the development.

      P.S.2: i'm not sure if it's the write place to post my question, so don't hesitate to move it to the correct place if needed

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