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    Using Functions in Expressions

    Frank Mogavero



      I have an expression that I am trying to use a function in. I have percents that need to be summed

      =SUM(Percent) works fine. The percentage is a preset amount. (e.g.  abc gets 10%,  cde gets 90% and both abc and cde fall under xyz which would be at 100%).


      This information is repeated on a monthly basis. Over the course of a year xyz winds up with 1200% which is incorrect. xyz should have 100%. If I can get MAX(end_date) into my expression then I will have the number that I need.I am having no luck finding proper syntaxing.

      I have =SUM({$<year={"$(=year(MAX(end_date)))"}>}percent)


      Am I approaching this incorrectly or is there syntax that I am missing? I have no problem using variables in the expression, but they are not dynamic. I need to use the end_date field value with the YEAR and MAX functions.


      Anyone got any ideas?

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          Stefan Wühl

          If you use




          in a text box, what do you get? 2013? And if you use


          =SUM({$<year={2013}>} percent)


          do you get the correct sum?

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            If "year" field is numeric you can do something like (without cuotes):




            If you put the expresion "=year(MAX(end_date))" in a variable you can simplify your expresion in this way:


            In script:

                 SET vMaxYear = '=year(MAX(end_date))';





            Variable vMaxYear is dynamic relatively of the selections, but is not afected by the dimension of the graphic when you put in a expresion.


            What is the dimension of your graphic? You should keep in mind that if Percent is a field precalculated in Load Script time as a Monthly percent when is aggregated by Months in a Qlikview graphic and totalize, monthly value shows fine but the total not.