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    CAL / Document Manager

    David Vasseur



      I've just posted here http://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-5281 a set of tools/QVW which will allow you to analyse CAL / doc / authorisation. Some basic info are of course available ("who has not used his CAL for 1 month ?", "How many Doc CAL does user XXX has ?", ...) but it will also be possible to find out if you have "lost" CALs (CAL allocated to deleted documents) and even to automatically delete Document CAL based on their last usage time.


      I've tested CAL deletion on my side without any issue but it's still a sensitive operation so, please, test it on your dev environment before doing it on production ;-) Other operations only read data so there is no risk to break things !


      Feel free to make suggestions / comments of course.


      Hope you will like it!