I have blogged about qdt-components in the past, on how we can use it with Angular, React, Vue and simple html in the past.


Today I will focus on the Wordpress version.


We can start by searching for the plugin. You can type "Qlik" or "qdt" and you will see it in the results



Once installed, go to the settings and add your server configuration



Then, you can go ahead and create your page/post and add the shortcodes. So far, the only available ones are for KPIs and embedding visualizations.


[qdt-component type="QdtKpi" expr="=Num(Count(distinct operation_id), '###,###')"]
[qdt-component type="QdtViz" id="sNMsjYL" height="400px"]


Here is how it should like at the end



Coming up: All of the features in qdt-components

React template with qdt-components


Github: https://github.com/qlik-demo-team/qdt-wordpress-plugin