• Qlik iFrame/JS to CRM

    We are having some difficulties displaying a Qlik iFrame in CRM.  Does anyone have any experience in this or knows of documentation on how to do something like this?    We've displayed the iFrame on a...
    Michael Rainey
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  • How to display numbers with 2 decimal places

    I am working in Qlik Sense Desktop (June 2017).  I have an app in which I am rounding certain fields to 2 decimal places.  After the rounding (via Round(field, 0.01)), I have noticed that some numbers don't ...
    Casey Marincin
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  • Duplicate derived field

    I am getting the below error, whenever i am loading data through data load editor.
    Balaji SJ
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  • Connecting qliksense desktop with Amazon S3

    Is it possible to connect qliksense desktop to amazon s3 when the connection is private. Can we access files in s3 from qliksense desktop through access id.
    Balaji SJ
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  • Qlik Demo

    Hi every one, look at the attach. How can i do the KPI exactly like that?
    izzat azfar8
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  • Qlik Demo

    Hi everyone, look at the attach. How can i do the KPI exactly like that? I mean the design
    izzat azfar8
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  • Qlik sense joins Question

    Hi,   I am new to qlik. I am trying to follow document and practice joins in qlik sense (In general I understand how joins work in DB).   Attached are the screenshots of qlik sense example and error.  ...
    ashok zubrewar
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  • Is Qlik support OData v2 and $expand functionally?

    Hey,   My application supports OData V2. I have a lot of clients and I want to know if they can use Qlik for the data.   I want to see how it works with Qlik but I can not test it because I do not have a ...
    Ayellet Lazar
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  • Stopping rangesum showing after a given date

    Hi   I am using rangesum function to plot Forecast vs Actuals along the same date line. When i run the Actual sum range, it works by restricting the date based on the set analysis (see formula below). However I ...
    Rakesh Shah
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  • Alternate State in QlikSense

    Hi All,   I have tried providing alternate state in QlikSense using Engine API.   I was able to provide  alternate state as - 'A', and the GetProperties of object shows as -   {   &nb...
    Mrudul K
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  • Hub and QMC not working since upgrading to Windows 2016

    On our Dev Qlik Sense server we upgraded from Windows 2012 to Windows 2016.  After the upgrade, I noticed that our Sense Hub and QMC were no longer working.  I then realized that Sense 3.0 would not be suppo...
    Charlie Zimmerman
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  • Qlik Sense Stacked Bar chart without Dimensions

    Hi Team,   I have a scenario like given below   Dimension - No Dimension   Expression1 - Sum(A)+Sum(B+sum(C) Expression 2 - sum(D) +sum(E)+sum(F)   I have to show the value in Stacked Bar char...
    Balaji M
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  • How to filter group of codes?

    Hello everyone!!! I want to filter for example 200 random codes in Qlik Sense. I have the list in excel. Do you have any idea how to do that easily? THANKS!!!
    Sara Nis
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  • how to use icons in qlik sense dashboard

    Hi all,   How to load icons in qlik sense dashboard & how to change qlik sense logo with Client company logo ? like following in Qlikview Replacing images with Geometric Shapes as visual cues    ...
    vikas mahajan
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  • Dynamic legend in scatter plot based upon selected x and y axis measures

    Hi there,   I have a scatter plot with several measures for the x and y axis. I want the legend to be coloured according to the value of x-axis value minus y-axis value.   If the user changes selects an al...
    Matt Corke
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  • Why QVDs are faster can any one please explain me ?

    Why QVDs are faster can any one please explain me ?
    Vikram Avirneni
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  • Tough expression - any ideas ?

    Easier to explain using the picture attached.   The 2 far right columns I am trying to accomplish in the data load editor.   I'm hitting a mind block where I just can't find the right expression to use t...
    Steven Stocki
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  • Qlik Sense Hub An error occurred

    I have install Qlik Sense server on windows server 2012 and I put the license and everything working fine but when I  try to publish my Qlik Sense App on Qlik Hub but once i open the Qlik Sense Hub it's send me e...
    Rolf Dastan
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  • Getting started with writing an extension

    Hello,   Apologies in advance if i break any rules this way. I tried the search function but without luck.   So I just started exploring Qlik Sense for a school project, and would like to create a ?simpel?...
    chris verra
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  • Generating a table from an intervalmatch join

    I am trying to create an auxiliary table from two other tables with an "IntervalMatch" serving as connecting rule. But once I join those two tables I cannot dump its contents inside a third table (since I cannot use t...
    Bernardo Araujo
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