• How to achieve this on Line Chart in Qlikview?

    Hello All, How to achieve this on line chart on qlikview. I have the following fields Dimensions- CALMONTH: 01,02,03 etc. CALYEAR: 2013,2014,2015 CAL_YTD:  FY,YTD. Measure- SVAL     Please Hel...
    Siddharth Gupta
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  • How to get Number of Days per Month for past six months in bar chart

    Hi,   I'm Mun. I'm experimenting to display number of days in a month for past six months range.   For example, when I select June 2017 in the MonthYear filter, the graph will display number of days from J...
    Nur Faten Munirah Mahfudz
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  • Get region contribution for stores

    Hi, I looking for a solution to get region sales next to respective store.   In the attachment the table marked with green square has showroom name and sum of Net sales. I need to get the region sales for respe...
    Sujay M
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  • I have a problem while connecting to store procedure

    Hi guys, i would ask you that i have a question regarding a store procedure Error :     and my procedure is :
    yaman alsaadi
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  • How to use a Sum If in Qlik Sense

    I use this formula in excel so i can calculate the cumulative frequency (like a Pareto), i need that numbers with a value less than 60% in red, between 60% and 90% yellow and more than 90% in green.   =SUMIF($B$...
    arturo salcido
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  • Not working as expected when I use normal count and set analysis count in if condition

    Using below logic. By default it should calculate last Quarter for all the years which looks fine for me, but when I select Year and Quarter Q1 I am getting Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun as below image instead Jan, Fe...
    sam pusala
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  • Query on Map - Qliksense OpenStreetMap

    Hi all,   Few days back I have created map using this link  http://tile.openstreetmap.org/${z}/${x}/${y}.png   that time i was able to see background image in Map. Now I am getting only bubbles no...
    vikas mahajan
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  • I am using win7 64BIT and i try to install the desktop version, but get error...

    Hi,   I am using a win7 64bit and i try to install the desktop software Qlik Sense Desktop.   But i get an error and the installation does not finish....   In the log i see the following: Product: Q...
    yuval Simply
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  • upgrade SAP Connector 6.3 to 6.5, need to uninstall or not?

    hi guys,   what if i have installed SAP 6.4, and now i have planned to upgrade it to 6.5   Do i uninstall the 6.4 and perform a fresh install for 6.5?   or do not uninstall 6.4 and upgrade it by exec...
    Jim Chan
    created by Jim Chan
  • Connecting to the QIX Engine from custom HTML

    Hi all!   I would like to write my own front-end code in HTML and Javascript that connects to the QIX Engine and its data.   I have read about the Qlik Engine API and such, but I am not sure how everythin...
    Lindy Brits
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  • Qlik Sense Release Date

    Good morning every one i would ask you about the date of the first release of Qlik Sense
    yaman alsaadi
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  • Change Qlik Sense Hub Address or URL

    Hi All,   I want to change my QlikSense Hub address/ URL. How can I do that?   Can anyone tell me the step by step solution?   My current hub address https://bi.alpha.com/  and i want to change ...
    Ali Ahmed
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  • Calculating average

    I have a set of tree inventory data that includes information on the condition of each tree and looks something like this:   TreeID Species Condition Tree1 Oak Good Tree2 Oak Poor Tree3 Oak Good Tree4 Maple ...
    Kelaine Ravdin
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  • Qlik Sense on Mobile

    Can any one explain how to view the qlik sense dashboards in mobile , like android,windows or i phone Thanks Vikas
    vikas mahajan
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  • Please i want a good tutorial for loading data from stored procedure

    Hi Every one, kindly i would like to ask you to help me by sending a good tutorial for loading data from stored procedure because i am trying but i am facing these problems: after executing the procedure only the f...
    yaman alsaadi
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  • Allow end-user to import Excel data?

    Hi, I developed an APP and published to the Hub. Is there any way to allow end user to upload their own Excel data to link with existing data model for further analysis on their own?   For example, I have an AP...
    Adam Chen
    created by Adam Chen
  • KPI Object show $ and K/M

    Hi all,   I would like to show a KPI with dollar and in thousand or million dynamically. However, i found that it could only show one of them.   Is it possible to show both dynamically?   Best Regar...
    Louis Lam
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  • filter in dimensions field in combochart - qliksense

    Hello,   I create bar chart with 2 measure and one dimension - Year. I want to filter in the dimension (not in the measure) so it will bring me only the max & min Year.   Any Idea?   Thank's!!
    ruti t
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  • Finding the date range(Qlik Sense)

    Hi all,   I have two data tables; first one contains the price details of the product sold by a company and this price varies with time. There is a recording made in the table when there is a change in the price...
    Amuktha Chakilam
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  • Chart with three columns

    Hi all,   I'm creating a very simple chart, just three columns one after another.   I have the three expressions corresponding to the values I want to represent and if I place them as Measures, it works: t...
    Juan Moreno
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