• QlikSense - Load Script - Adding Large XML files

    mto We are experiencing serious issues with QlikSense when trying to add large XML files to its loader script; look at the picture below; with Qlik Sense the looping (busy) cursor (the circle in the middle) sits ther...
    Arnaldo Sandoval
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  • restrict options in filter pane?

    Hi I want to add a filter pane to my page for region. For reasons I won't go into, some of our data doesn't generate the region properly and a small portion of the data has 'Not Identified' or something similar for t...
    dustin carroll
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  • dual function, avg by numeric value, display text string?

    Sorry for multiple questions – I have spent a long time looking for answers to these before posting.  Thanks in advance for you time and patience.   I have below a section of a larger nested if() sta...
    Brayden Ashdown
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  • Time to close by months

    Hi All,   I have a script for Time to close an opportunity by days. if(ceil(([Close Date]-[Created Date]),30)>0,ceil(([Close Date]-[Created Date]),30),'entered after close date')       I wo...
    Ajinkya Bhonsle
    created by Ajinkya Bhonsle
  • Select a null value

    Good afternoon, I need to select the NULL values in this table, Can someone helpme please!!    
    Carlos Pulgarin
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  • How to Find sales between the range of date selected in Two different list box having source date from same field ?

    Hi ,   I have a single date of engagement field . I have created two list box with names as , «Date début enga» and «Date fin engage» . Both of them refers same date field .   M...
    Nabila Moharabi
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  • Has anyone had issues with digital river checkout

    I have been trying since Thursday last week to add additional seats to one of my current Cloud Business accounts. Everything seems to go OK until I try to check out. As soon as I do I get an error message.   I h...
    michael mourton
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  • Question on how to put the JOIN Statment

    I have a question regarding Qlik Sense on how to put the JOIN Statment.   I would like to select on the File B only records that contains the File A  As you will see I have the same field on both Files (F...
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  • Date Calculation error in Set Analysis

    Hi,   In my dashboard I have a measure which calculates the count of values between two dates which are selected in filters. The formula I am using for the measure is Count( {<[Transaction Date]={">=$(=g...
    Rajarshi Guin
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  • Visualization with calculated condition not showing in export to PowerPoint

    I am working in Qlik Sense Desktop June 2017.  I have a pie chart visualization which has a calculation condition.  In this condition, I display something like "No Data" (written in the 'Displayed message' f...
    Casey Marincin
    created by Casey Marincin
  • Connector Reply Error

    Good morning all   I am getting a connector reply error when I try and run my code, the weird part is the code has run fine before. I have checked the connection to the environment I am connecting to, I am able ...
    Bella Mae
    created by Bella Mae
  • Qlik GeoAnalysitcs / QlikGeo

    Hi Im trying to create map reports in QlikSense Desktop, where im able to plot only one dimension and 1 or 2 measures. I have installed install QlikGeo for QlikSense and "IdevioGeoAnalyticsPlus64bitSetup_1.6.1" but im...
    ramesh konda
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  • How do you load data from a TSV file?

    I have tried using both a LOAD statement and creating a folder connection to the local location of my file. However, I keep running into errors. Can anyone help? For workflow reasons, I would like to avoid converting ...
    Anna Le
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  • How to create line chart with summed total line

    Hi,   Two quick questions from a new user here. If anyone is kind enough to help, I would greatly appreciate it if you can use as little QlikSense jargon as  possible, I really get lost trying to use other ...
    dustin carroll
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  • order not workin

    Hi all,   Sort order is not working in Qliksense bar chart   tried with match still no luck   pick(match(TicketStatus,'Open','Assigned','Work In Progress','OnHold'),'Open','Assigned','Work In Progres...
    sony sing
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  • Text Box in Qlik Sense

    In Qlik Sense, can you place a Text and Image Chart inside of a Bar Chart? I want to place the Text Box in the Bar Chart for the purpose of allowing the user to click the Text box and be redirected to another sheet...
    Ann Hoffman
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  • Eliminating specific rows in dashboard

    Hi All,   I have a dashboard in the below format.      Firm Cases Closed Cases Created In-Progress Cases A 10 0 0 B 0 0 0 C 0 20 0   The column Firm is a dimension while others are me...
    Rajarshi Guin
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  • Totals at different levels

    Hi All,   In my dashboard I have data in the format in a table.         Firm Agent ID Cases Closed Cases Created In-Progress Cases A 1 10 0 0 A 2 20 10 0 B 3 0 10 0 B 4 20 20 0 &n...
    Rajarshi Guin
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  • Qliksense - Column hide / show in pivot table

    Hi Everyone,   Is there any way to hide/ show the metrics column in Qlik sense pivot table?   I need to show metric values in pivot table based on filter selection.   For Example,   I have 2 m...
    Abirami Palanisamy
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  • Select files which contain specific field names

    I have a number of .csv files which follow the same naming convention, but have different fields.   The format/fields I require are: - SERIAL NUMBER - VERSION - DATE - RADIO ID   Example of other files...
    Harjit Nar
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