• How to avoid duplicate values

    I am getting repeated values on each row of the column. Below is the table. There are only 2 distinct value for Code status but it creates duplicate in column code. Also, for Primary code there is only one distinct co...
    Ash Patel
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  • Box plot of a grouped dataset

    Hi I have a dataset like this Count Age Category 3 18 A 300 19 A 100 20 A 56 21 A 4 17 B 10 18 B 35 19 B 20 20 B 97 33 C 94 34 C 86 35 C 87 36 C 87 37 C I want to plot the age distribution of each category which se...
    Bob Leong
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  • Search two strings with wildcards

    Hi,   I have been conducting a search in a QLIKSense app. I am searching for any fields containing the words 'ACTUATOR' and 'ECAM'. The search term I used is:   +actuator +ecam   On closer inspection...
    James Cose
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  • Set Analysis Returning Incorrect Values

    Hi everyone,   I am very new to the coding, and I have a weird phenomenon affecting my set analysis results. Essentially, I'm looking to only sum field values for only "Sep" dates. It performs its job to fo...
    Eric Tan
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  • Reading the value from a specific cell

    Hello all I am trying to add an excel cell (BD column and row 46 which is a calculated value from a table) to qlik sense. I tried all i can find in forum but couldn't accomlished. I just want to see the calculated va...
    Erhan Çopur
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  • invalid path in QS desktop with corporate one drive

    Hi,   I'm having a a problem with creating a new data connection to a folder. I try to connect to my personal folder on our corporate one drive. As soon as I select this folder, QS desktop responds with "invali...
    Martijn van Heezik
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  • Missing values AND aggregations

    Hi all,   workng with rolling sums I ran into an issue. Say I want to have the volume of sales 1 year backwards, month by month. I used:   RangeSum( After(     total  Sum( {< [P...
    last modified by LUIGI ZANETTI
  • Section access newbie.

    I am new to qlik sense and have been trying to restrict data in an app based on region.  With the below code nothing is being restricted. All users are seeing all territories.   LOAD * inline [ ACCESS, US...
    James Rizzitano
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  • Pick(Match()) using a variable

    Hey Guys,   I would like to show several different values in my line graph. Therefor I want to assign different colors to different lines.   In my coloring expression I would like to change the colors to ...
    Robbert Sam-Sin
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  • Pivot Table Distribution Computation

    Hi Guys i have a challenge in computing the distribution in pivot table   im trying to compute the distribution rate from header to detailed but i always got wrong answer...   the GRAND TOTAL NET SALES(RET...
    Reynaldson Aceberos
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  • Return two results from IF

    I have an IF statement as a variable in set analysis. I want it to show both Assigned and Completed items if nothing else in this field is selected but I am unable to figure this out.   This is what I tried: &n...
    Dan Green
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  • switch case?

    Hy everybody,   I have a problem with the sales date. I try to match the sales to the date they enter the system. However, it is not always filled and in that case I want to take the invoice date. This one ...
    willem van der Plas
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  • FielValueCount - What is it?

    Hi Guys,   We have a contractor and in the master calendar he uses field value count. I have tried to look at the documentation but i couldn't make sense of it.   I guess i just wanted to ask how it work...
    Alexander James Tomlins
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  • How to add normal table from qik sense app to pixel perfect report in NPrinting

    I'm not able to add my normal table(not pivot table) from Qlik Sense app to Pixel perfect report in NPrinting. I want to add the table from Qlik Sense App to a Level object in Pixel Perfect report in NPrinting but ta...
    vivek anand
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  • Load file to desired format

    Hi Everyone,   I would like to load this file into Qlik in different format so it can easily be analyzed.   File to be loaded   Desired format to load     Thanks!
    Marj Pabilonia
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  • Exception Report with Slider Range selection Selection Restriction in Alternate Dimension

    Hi Gurus,   I want to create a exception report , below are the following conditions to be considered, 1.I will use slider for sales range selection 2. I should display the Distributor name whose Current Mont...
    suhasini metri
    created by suhasini metri
  • Creating List in Qlik Sense

    Hi ,   I want to create a list under overview in Qlik Sense.As attached we should have all values when I click on overview .Please find attached screen shots. IF extension required ,please let me know which exte...
    Sushanta Acharya
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  • Bar chart showing null values (need global solution)

    That's what I have     What i need:   I am using local solution, adding "+ SUM({1}0)" to a Chart formula, but is there a global solution? Otherwise I would have to redo each master formula in my p...
  • Expression not working in pivot table

    Hi,   I am using below mentioned expression as a row in pivot table-   if(GetSelectedCount(H4)=0,restricted_customers, if(GetFieldSelections(H4)='Customer Name',if(compare_customers='y',[Customer Name]), i...
    siddharth soam
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  • ODAG: Allow editing an app navigation link

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    It would be very useful to be able to edit the app navigation link and for example replce the app with another when you made a new template version.
    Erik Wetterberg
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