• how to assign sequential rank to the values of a column in straignt table

    hi all, as the rank function is here giving the ranks from 1 to 4 then it gives the ranks as 7 and 9, i want these to assign 5 and 6 ? is there a way i can do it in qliksense thanks in advance
    Vikas NA
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  • How to find AlphaNumeric character from a string

    Hi   I am trying to find out AlphaNumeric from a below string. The data is very huge. I tried KeepChar and PurgeChar functions but getting only numbers and not the exact result i am looking for. Please refer bel...
    Abhijit Arankalle
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  • Yesterday and Month to Date

    Hi,   Im using Chart Properties with the Dimension Customers and Expression   = sum({$<Month={"$(=Date(Max(Month),'MMM-YY'))"}>}Sales)   This works fine for Month to Date (July 1 to 11 2018). &...
    mazda miata
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  • Scatter Plot Graph

    Hi Guys,   I wanted to know the best extension for a scatter plot chart. Vizlib extension does not seem to be working. Any suggestions?   Regards, Rony
    Ron M
    created by Ron M
  • Set analysis for subtracting multiple date ranges.

    Hi there, There is a date range problem for me. I have selected multiple dates in the filter panel showing a table below:    Date sum(Cost) above(Date) 02/01/2018 5,745.0 - 31/01/2018 3,829.0 02/01/2018 2...
    phuc pham
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  • Why do I get the message Size of <file.qvd> exceeds the file size limit?

    I would like to know to be able to change the limit to be able to import a QVD for training (me). I'm new to this and I'm using Qlik Sense!
    Gary Ramshaw
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  • refference book for  learnig qlik sence extention.

    Hi Everyone, I am new to Qlik sense extension. Wanted to learn and understand how to create you own extension. Please suggest book or any link where I can learn how to how to create extensions and other web hub opti...
    Dhanshri Kalgaonkar
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  • how can apply the etl process with qlik view??

    how can apply the etl process with qlik sense??
    yara ali
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  • Associative Difference/Selection Highlighting not showing in demos

    I've been exploring several of the demos in Qlik Sense, including the Digital Consumer Analytics - Shoe Retail demo.   I'm not seeing the associative selection model (described here) when I look over the slides...
    Henry Carse
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  • GetFieldSelections with date dimension not returning value

    Hi,   I'm trying to get the selected dates, but don't seem to GetFieldSelections function to return a value.   In my app the user can choose the data display period (year, quarter, month, day) via qsVariab...
    Vallo Lees
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  • Highest Year Selected Data

    Hi Guys,   So I have some data (customer incidents) being graphed against Months in a line graph. I have two lines right now. One for the sum of customer incidences for each month and one for a cumulative YTD of...
    Ariana Ford
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  • Accumulate over 2 dimensions - Pivot works, chart incorrect

    Hi all,   I'm trying to show the % of customers who buy a product when they buy their next product.  In my data I have First Product, Months until next product (SPD) and the number/% of customers. I've rea...
    michael taylor
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  • Get user name

    Hi,   I was able to get User Directory and user id using osuser() function in Qliksense. Can I get the user name as well?
    reshma k m
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  • Can You Plug In New Data in a Table for Scenario Analysis?

    New to Qlik, thanks for your patience. Posting this after others were very helpful with another issue.   1. Is it possible to plug in new data on the fly in a table for scenario analysis, like one would do in ex...
    Seb Silva
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  • "Access Denied" while creating a webfile connection

    I tried entering the URL that the rapid-miner created for a web service in Qliksense, but I get the above mentioned error message. What could be the reason for this ?
    Balaji Sundaram
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  • export security rules - qlik sense, preparing for DR

    Hi,   We need to plan for DR for qlik sense application. How do we migrate/export the custom properties, security rules from prod to dr box?   For data, going the file copy way. But, these, being part of a...
    manoj singh
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  • Create new field with if logic

    Hi Experts,   Can any one please help me to create a new field called Section with records 'Electronics Section', 'Clothes Section', 'Vehicles Section' from Product, Clothes and Vehicles fields based on bel...
    Mahitha M
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  • Linear Regression like Reference Line (Scatter-Plot)

    Hi everyone, I need to add a linear regression to a scatter plot like a reference line.   Here an example: How I can to do it?     Thanks, Livio
    Livio Sebastiano Colombo
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  • Column Level Access in Qliksense

    We have 2 user groups and want to restrict few columns for 1 user group how can we achieve this through section access in Qliksense
    Rohan Dhavle
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  • Qlik Sense Desktop 12.x not starting properly

    Hello,   I've seen this question before here when googling but I can't find a good solution for the issue. When a non-admin user launches the program through the start menu it doesn't start (visually), all the ...
    Frida Jansson
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