• Search box option in Qliksense

    Hi   I am looking to give a search box option to the user to filter out the data in a home page of my dashboard.   how to achieve this?   Note : I dont have a measure, i am looking to filter out the ...
    surya j
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  • Max(Month) load help

    Hi Experts,   Can any one please help me on below requirement.   I have a qvd load  like below. Here Month Field contains the data from Jan to Sep. How to load only Max(Month) data dynamically inste...
    Mahitha M
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  • Security Rule for creating Tasks only in a special Stream

    Hej Commutity,   I was thinking about a security rule concept and have a question about a configuration. I configured a person/group who can create apps and publish them in a specific stream. Now I wanted thi...
    Benjamin Naujoks
    created by Benjamin Naujoks
  • Am I using Qlik Sense wrong? (Loading data)

    HI community.   I'm a business administrator and I have been working with Qlik Sense to visualize data, learning all I can from these forums.   How do I use it?   I always get information straight fr...
    patrico mesri
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  • Getselectedount() issue with if filter

    Hi All,   Now we faced the challenge that, if we set if in the filter , than getselectedcount function not works, always show 0 value. Sample as below,   For example we want to judge the count for field Choo...
    haifeng zhao
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  • How to create a chart with multiple aggregation grouping?

    This is my first app with Qlik. I am trying to create a chart where I can see the Hour of the day where I had the max Count. To calculate the max Count first I have to aggregate the Sum of count for each hour. What k...
  • test for comparability

    Hi Qliksters!   I have a question about the best way to test for comparability in terms of sales at specific locations.   So, I have a file loaded that has Store # and sales for each period this year and l...
    Mike Sawyer
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  • week dimension issue in bar chart

    Hello All,   i have a requirement: like below   i have a data for 2017 and 2018 if i select any week ex:20 in my bar chart dimension should display  2017 W 20 to max week of 2018 ( 2018 W 37).  ...
    V Kumar
    created by V Kumar
  • Popup in qliksense

    Hi all, is there a way in qliksense through which i can create a popup button based on some particular selections, and based on each selection there are some comments, that i want to show once i click the popup butto...
    Vikas NA
    created by Vikas NA
  • Highlight with colors instead of filtering the chart

    Hi, I would like to highlight columns in a column chart based on a selection you make from another table.   Example: If I select KPI B in the table in the picture attached, I would like the right bar chart to ...
    Thomas Ødegaard
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  • Qlik and R integration

    Hello experts, have you ever used Qlik in connection with R (using sse-r-plugin)? Currently I am stacked because of data format which is sent to R. I attached file with R function and sample app.   Problem is ...
    David Štorek
    created by David Štorek
  • concatenation in calculated dimension

    Hi Guys,   I have a table which resembles like below Emp table. I need to concatenate Dept column with respect to other columns (as shown in expected result) and also country selection in list box should not eff...
    Manoj Kumar M R
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  • Lookup

    Hi All, i have data where i have to compare nd replace with different tables table1: Agent_name branch_code A1 735 A2 745 A3 610 Table2: This is like master table Name Branch A1 735 A2 745 A3 610 A4 312 A5 567BC...
    vivek pv
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  • Custom properties for styling sheet title background color

    Hi,   I have an app in which we are using custom properties to control user access to streams, apps, and sheets.  Everything works as expected and we are able to assign access at user level based on custom ...
    Carlos Londono
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  • How to use tool tip in qlik sense using map chart for additional info

    Hi Friends,   I am new to qlik sense. Is there any way to use customize tool tip to display more KPI on tool tip using map chart type.
    Sandip Sharma
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  • Where i can find a tutorial or a guide?

    Hi everyone   Where i can find a tutorial, guide step by step about all products. In spanish or english??   Qlikview Server Qlik Sense Server Qlik Nprinting Engine Qlik Nprinting Server   Can you...
  • Debtors Overdue History:- Set Analysis & AsOfWeek Issue

    Hi   Hope someone can help on this   The issue I'm having is comparing 30 60 90 etc DEBTOR days overdue over time. With just the unadjusted data I get a  nonsense figure due to the credits not allocat...
    Robert Hutchings
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  • Need to remove (****) from data set

    Hi All,   Can you please help me to remove the bracket values present in the data set where inside the bracket() remove all the information along with bracket and replace with . dot.   Example: Data field...
    gowtham Ganapathi
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  • 50% data to be considered from records

    Hi All,   My requirement is as below please help me to get the 50% of data from the records.   In the attached file i have team leader  and count of the team leader in the i need to consider only 50% ...
    gowtham Ganapathi
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  • Placing reports in one folder

    Hello All,   I need advice for grouping reports in folder. Below is the example structure   Folder Name: ABC( When click on open sub folders)           &n...
    Krishna ch
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