• QLik Sense June 2017 release

    Where can I download this version?
    Mike Beukes
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  • Periodic Calculation

    Hi All, I have Date and Category as dimensions and a measure and the data looks something like this    Date Category Value A 1/1/2012 10 A 5/1/2013 20 A 3/1/2014 30 A 4/1/2014 10 B 1/1/2013 20 B 6/1/2014 ...
    Abid Peerzade
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  • Disable objects auto-resizing

    Hi, Let's say that you have created Qlik app on your own computer, then you send it to your friend/coworker and it doesn't look good: objects are resized, some text is hidden, you can't see axis labels etc. It occur...
    Grzegorz Smajdor
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  • How to get the latest global value within a filtered dimension

    Hi, guys!   I'm having a problem, and already searched about and came across aggr, firsSortedValue and Concat, but it didn't work, I'm looking the sales of a specific vendor (this vendor is selected with filter...
    Ruytter Mendonça
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  • EXIST() SQL with QS

    Hi !   Im need some help, i have this qvd with some ID's (ID_MODULE) and i need to get from my BD all ID's that i not have in qvd. How can i do that please?     MODCONNINFO: Load ID_MODULE from [l...
    Eduardo DImperio
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  • something like a flag to determine daily formula => possible?

    Hi, I am fairly new to Qlik Sense/Qlikview and with the help of books/google/youtube I was able to create my first apps sucessfully. However, maybe due to the lack of some basic conceptual understanding I can not so...
    Edgar Kim
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  • visualization in Qlik Sense

    Hi,   I have tried one requirement,but I dint able to finish it. I thought this will not be able to do in qlik sense. Please find the attachment of visualization. Can any one suggest, if you guys have any idea t...
    kumarsuresh lulu
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  • Table Column - Day from Calendar.  For each of past 30 days from the Reporting day, a column will be created in the visualization.  Date format MM/DD

    Table Column - Day from Calendar.  For each of past 30 days from the Reporting day, a column will be created in the visualization.  Date format MM/DD
    kumarsuresh lulu
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  • deallocate a token for deleted user

    Hi,   How can I deallocate a token for a deleted user in QMC qlik sense. I created several user in the local directory, and i allocated the token for these users in order to do some tests. End of my tests, I d...
    xia ZHU
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  • Counting the number of selected days as standard value.

    Dear Friends,   I have month selected and the number of total days of April is 14  as used/filled days is 14 for  April.   I want to calculate measure (Y axis) / dimension (X axis)  by using ...
    Yücel Özer
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  • QVD created but not data stored

    I have an issue with writing data to qvd. I have a query like this:     Temp_Tranform_data: // Main transformation query of fact table. Load   contact_id,     Date(Floor(startDateTime...
    Tad Peterson
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  • Sugestion: Avoid Synthetic keys

    Hi, everyone.   I'm having problems whit tables that relates with other tables. Like the vendors table (lets call it V), it relates with the sales (S) and customer (C) table, whitch also relates with each other...
    Ruytter Mendonça
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  • Updated Healthcare and Wellness Apps on Qlik Cloud

    If you'd like to get access to a number of healthcare and wellness apps on Qlik Sense Cloud, please send me a request to gain access: Request access to Qlik Healthcare apps Interested in more of the use of Qlik...
    Joe Warbington
    created by Joe Warbington
  • Share bookmarks between users

    Is there a way to set up permissions in a manner that users can see bookmarks and stories that other users, either higher or lower on the totem pole of permissions, can see them as well?
    Michael Andrews
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  • Hub not opening - G3 Broker API

    Hi community, in server, where Qlik Sense is installed, we stopped internet connection. Till that moment QS worked fine, but now, after reboot something went wrong. I know Qlik Sense can work without internet connec...
    Irene Bagnoli
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  • SQL script dunno how to write in QlikSense need help.

    Hi Everyone,   Im new employee in QLIK in my company.   I hav problems about Two script lines from my example sql procedure:            ,ISNULL(B.[Dimension Val...
    Adam Gałęza
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  • Qlik launch error on browser

    What's the reason I am being asked to open SLL (Internet Settings) when launching Qlik Server version?
    Nelson Estepa
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  • Calculating  and grouping values from two identical column

    Hi all,   Below is a sample table of my data and I would like to an overall table where it calculates overall number of wins, overall number of draws and overall number of losses for each team (note that the lis...
    Wai Meng Leong
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  • Sense Navigation extension error

    Hi Team -   I am using the attached extension in Server and whne I import I get "Failed to import extension.Check log file error"   I read few other threads and deleted Redame ,License file...but still sa...
    Ansh shetty
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  • Tasks aggregated, split and counted

    Hello everybody, I want to make a table in QlikSense with Months as Dimensions and counts of Tasks as Indicators. The problem that occures is, that a Task can have multiple entries (from timetracking). When I just co...
    Matthias Walter
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