• Is it possible to access a dashboard built witih Qliksense or Qlikview and publish it so that It can be access by 10 user?

    Is it possible to access a dashboard built witih Qliksense or Qlikview and publish it so that It can be access by 10 user?
    Anindya Manna
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  • Load multiple SQL queries into data load editor

    Hi guys,   I'm loading 2 SQL queries into Qlik Sense data load editor. Is the grammar like this?   LIB CONNECT TO... LOAD... SQL SELECT...FROM...WHERE... SELECT...FROM...WHERE...   Thanks in adv...
    Wanyun Yang
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  • Error code 23005

    I upgraded the Sense desktop to the February 2018 version 12.5.2 and now when I try to export data appears Errorcode.23005. Does anyone know what can it be ? Thank you.
    Ernesto Alves
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  • QlikSense February 2018 bug?

    Hello!   I updated QlikSense to February 2018. But I couldn't export to excel. When I opend the file,it was broken. (I could export and open the file in November 2017.)   Please tell me how to export to...
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  • Filtering Dates in Load Script

    Hello,   What is the syntax I would use to filter for dates in my data Load?   For example:   PL_ENC: LOAD     Date(Floor("SERVICE DATE")) as "Date",     PATIENTID, ...
    Ashley Kuttler
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  • Rank in Script for 3 Fields

    Dear All, I wanted to calculate Rank function for 3 files with Sales Values how to arrive that in attached QVF any Idea? Thanks in adv
    vikas mahajan
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  • Process Control Charts in Qlik Sense

    Hi all,   To make a statistical process control chart (SPC), or similar in Qlik Sense, it seems like we should have several options to make attractive-looking charts, but I'm having some trouble getting the colo...
    Garrett Tedeman
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  • Color by Alternative Measure

    I have a bar graph that has one measure and two alternative measures. I want to be able to color each based on its own expression. Therefore, when I select the first measure, the bars should be colored based on their ...
    Aaron Bishop
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  • Top 80 bottom 20

    Hi All: I'm fairly new to Qlik Sense, i have a question of calculate top 80 bottom 20 sales for each of ID. ID Vendor Sales is raw data, i have manually calculated the result on column top80/bottom20 any one c...
    Kevin yin
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  • Where is the option: "Auto-zoom on selection" in my Map?

    Hello everyone,   I am looking for the option: "Auto-zoom on selection" in my map object. I know it was there before, but I can't find/see it any more.   It's also mentioned here: https://help.qlik.com/en...
    Casper van Pomeren
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  • Pivot Table Filter on Column

    I would like to do the following in Qlik Sense.  I am wondering if there is a way to do it using a pivot table.   Alternatively, I can produce a straight table, and do the same operation.   Bu...
    Buyi Zhang
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    YES! I AM YELLING! Oops sorry Caps-Lock was stuck. - This post is to inform you of our weekly Qlik Sense getting started webinar. If you are new to Qlik or Qlik Sense, I suggest you take the time to sit with me and l...
    Michael Tarallo
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  • Data source for Qliksense

    Hi,   If the data volume is huge, which approach is better? Our source data is stored in excel. So using the excel as data source or loading the data to a database like SQL server and using that as data source?
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  • Generate a CSR for QlikSense November 2017

    Hi,   I am getting browser security error for both Sense hub and NPrinting (both November 2017 version). To avoid it, I need to use signed certificate. For that I need to generate a CSR file. Could you please pro...
    created by RESHMA MARIA
  • How to filter out some data in Qlik pivot

    Hi Guys,   I am new to Qlik sense . I am trying to create a pivot table with Couple of data source.   In that i need to remove some ROWS from the view. TO be filtered out.   Can anybody help in this....
    Prakash S
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  • SQL query doesn't work when loading data from ODBC into Qlik Sense

    Hi guys,   I'm loading data from ODBC into Qlik Sense. My question is:   I have Table1 with columns A,B, Table2 with columns A,D. I want to left join Table2 on Table1 by column A, and show column  B a...
    Wanyun Yang
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  • Layout of Snapshot/Exploration/Full Screen icons

    Hi,   For the most part, when the Snapshot, Exploration and Full Screen icon are visible they are laid out in a straight horizontal line above my graphs. There have been occasions when I have seen them appear in...
    Steven Taschereau
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  • Loading data from a Postgres DB

    Hi all,   I have an Qlik Sense app where I load data from a Vertica DB. Now, I need a couple of tables from another database, a Postgres DB. So I've done the following:   - I've created an ODBC source in m...
    Juan Moreno
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  • Pivot table measure headings question

    Is there a way to hide the measure titles in the pivot table below?
    Celia Seward
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  • Duplicate Invoices by Dates

    Hi, I am new to Qlik and trying to create dashboards. I have a table with the sales transaction. Mainly I want to look at all transactions that have same invoice number for multiple Invoice dates. And either display...
    Anirban Musib
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