like a triggers in Qlik View but in Qlik Sense

    Hi Folks,


    i have an idea or for some situations the solution as well:

    In Qlik Sense we dont have any triggers, i mean, if you move from one tab into another tab, you want sometime to have a pre-selected values in your fields, for this situation i created a mini-solution.


    for this case you need an extension, this extension i finded in: (look at this link: Qlik Branch)


    the extension is called: SheetEvents: if you downloaded make the following necessary steps:

    in Tab Action (within Extension): Select Action: Select Value in Field and tip your data. / Alternative: you can use the Action: Apply Bookmark (here you should create a bookmark)


    p.s: in attached file you see what i mean and see tab: nummer 1. this extension does work great on Qlik Sense Server as well


    i hope that helps and save your time in your business-field.