KML files for Germany, Austria, Switzerland (County, District Level)

    The following KML files have been successfully tested to work with Qlik Sense 1.0 mapping object. The polygones are not too complex but yet fine enough.

    Level 1 = Bundesland / Kanton

    Level 2-3 = Bezirk (District)


    There is now a new combined KML in this ZIP, which has all 3 Countries (DE, CH, AT) on Kanton/Bundesland Level (Level1), and Liechtenstein. There is a translation table for the used codes into German labels as well.


    Screenshot 2016-01-07 12.25.19.png



    These are the Germany files:

    • Germany divisions.Level 1.kml
    • Germany divisions.Level 2.kml
    • Germany divisions.Level 3.kml

    Screenshot 2014-10-13 13.02.10.png

    These are the Austria files:

    • Austria divisions.Level 1.kml
    • Austria divisions.Level 2.kml

    Screenshot 2014-10-13 12.58.28.png

    These are the Swiss files:

    • Switzerland divisions.Level 1.kml
    • Switzerland divisions.Level 2.kml

    Screenshot 2014-10-13 13.04.11.png