Generating AND, OR , NOT selection logic in Qlik Sense

    'AND mode' is an out of box feature in QlikView whereby a QlikView developer a list box in a QlikView application to use 'AND mode' rather than the default 'OR mode'.


    In Qlik Sense, its not there out of box in the same way, but some minor SET ANALYSIS expression syntax can create the right context on a chart to show the output in an "AND" context.


    Attached is a self contained application that demonstrates the technique.


    Please also refer to these screenshots:


    Here is the sample data... notice that Skill 'A' ,'B', and 'C' is associated only with User '1'.  But User '1', '2', and '3' are collectively associated (OR mode) with the 'A','B', and 'C' set of skills




    I have created an educational UI in the app to show how the default 'OR' mode chart contrasts with an 'AND' mode technique




    When i select Skills  'A', 'B' , and 'C' ... notice that the AND mode chart shows only User '1'.

    But the OR mode chart shows Users '1', '2', and '3'






    The OR mode expression is:   count (distinct Skills)


    The measure expression on the AND mode is modified to the following.


    Basically it filters the result to show only users where the unique number of skills associated to them is equivalent to the number of distinct skills selections in the UI.





    hope it helps !


    Version 2-3 update:  Just added a  NOT mode tab where you can combine AND with NOT and see a list of users with all the skills selected but exluding users who already have one or more skills selected from a different list.  Full description below in the comments.