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    Single bar at the end of the bar chart

    Apoorva Dhulehole

      Hello everyone,


      I have a field (Budget) in which the data for all months is the same and another field (Actual) which has different data for different months. So is it possible to plot a bar graph which shows just one bar (instead of displaying one bar for each month) at the end for this field, Budget and to display Actual values for all months as shown in the attached picture?


      Second question: Is it possible to have a single bar at the end in the same graph which sums up all actual values and subtracts that by the Budget and displays the subtracted value in the bar so that I get to see the total amount remaining in the budget, as shown in the picture?


      Or is there a better way of displaying this info in a graph?


      Any help on this?


      Thank you.