How to create Water Fall Charts

    Hello everybody,


    This post is about creating Water Fall Charts step-by-step, using as an example the Data Visualization located in the Get Started model.


    First you have to define your expressions, I will use Revenue, COGS, Expenses, Tax and Net Income.


    This is how the char will look like at the end:


    Water Fall.png


    First open the chart selector by clicking in the Create Chart. There in bar type select Bar Chart and click Next:


    Chart Selector.png


    In the Dimension step leave the dimensions in blank, we won't need any, click next:




    In the expression editor I will use the data fields that I mentioned above. The first expression will be the sum of the Revenue, so I add Sum(Revenue). The second expression will be the COGS and I add Sum(COGS) and so on with the rest of data fields.



    From the second expression hereinafter I will use this property called "Bar Offset". This creates that gap between the axe and the value, showing the bar like it was suspended in the chart.


    I will substract each value from the Revenue like this (each point for each expression):


    • For COGS: Sum(Revenue) - Sum(COGS)
    • For Expenses: Sum (Revenue) - Sum([COGS]) - Sum([Expenses])
    • For Tax: Sum (Revenue) - Sum([COGS]) - Sum([Expenses]) - Sum(Tax)
    • And for the Net Income we leave the Bar Offset in blank and write this in the expression definition: Sum (Revenue) - Sum([COGS]) - Sum([Expenses]) - Sum(Tax)



    And that's the way to create a Water Fall Chart.


    I hope thi will be helpfull.


    P.S: I apologize for any grammar mistake, english is not my native language. Any correction or suggestion don't doubt to tell me!