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Partner - Contributor

Possible Bug in Bar Chart - Stacked


I have a bar chart with two dynamic dimensions (two bars -> grouped/stacked) and a dynamic metric too.

When the object (bar chart) are in the grouped bar mode  works fine but, in the stacked bar, it seems that duplicated the numbers. If I change the bar chart to table, the numbers are correct. Or if I change to grouped bar, the numbers are correct too. The problem is when I change the bar chart to stacked mode.

I already check the metrics, and the problem is in the dimension. If I remove the dynamic value and put the value it receives dynamically, it works correctly.



Expression of Bar Chart Dimension:




The value of $(v.Filtro) is Errata

Value of $(v.Dimensão.Errata):



This seems to me to be a bug from Qlik Sense, taking into account that in grouped mode it works.

Could you help me?

I'll atach some pictures with the bar and dimensions so you can get a sense of what happens.

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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Sorry for replying to an old thread but were you able to resolve this issue? We are encountering the same issue (in QS June 2019) and seems very bizarre, we have used the Bar Chart supported extension and it works fine, but not the standard bar charts.