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Restrict Table based on Time Dimensions Dynamically

Dear Experts,

I am new to Qliksense. I have an App with different sheets. The data is shown in table.

I would want to have a dynamic selection and restriction of all measures in table for time dimensions like YTD, Full year. 
These time dimensions are defined in a script.

I am not able to link these time dimensions to the measures.

I have created a master item to have these time dimensions selection in sheet but cannot link the measures.

Can anyone advice how I can achieve so that the measures in the table update based on the time dimension selection. 

Thank you. 

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Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

you will need to make a field with a common name in both tables.  for example, if your fact table has [SalesDate] and your master calendar with the YTD flag has [Date], you could add [Date] as [SalesDate] to the script for the master calendar, which would then create the link.