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Contributor II
Contributor II

Save Variables that are Set by a Button to a Bookmark

I have an application I am building that a portion of it is being used to develop a rollout plan, so I am using Variables that utilize GetFieldSelections(Field) to capture the field selections in 8 different fields utilizing a Button with the Action Set a Variable with the Variable Name and the Value is GetFieldSelections(Field), when the Button is clicked it sets all of the variables for a particular Month Year combination.

The issue I am having is every time I open the application the Variables are empty.  How can I store the set variables so that the rollout plan already includes the selections for a month that has already been determined? 

I have tried Setting a Bookmark, but my Variables are not stored in the Bookmark.

Any suggestions?  I am stuck.  I believe this is the best way to accomplish what I need to do, but cannot have to redo the selections for a 24 month rollout every time the application is opened.

Thanks in advance,


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Set default values of the variable when you declare them.


You can also set the variables in script if the default values are based on loaded data.