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Contributor II
Contributor II

Selection of non visible axis in bar chart

I am using Qlik Sense.

In the bar chart, use the drag function to select an axis.

I will explain it by using the attached file as an example.

qlik ex.jpg


The chart is GDP information by country.

There are more countries under the lowest Russia (RU), and the maximum choice is US-RU as a mouse drag.
In fact, under Russia, there are more national information such as Switzerland and Argentina.
If I hold down the Ctrl key and drag the mouse,  it would reduce/extend the scale of web browser (for example, Chrome, Edge).

Can I use this drag function to select axis information that is not visible on the screen (Switzerland, Argentina in the example file)? Or can I scroll down with a on the right while using the mouse drag function?

I couldn't use keyboard(↑, ↓)  and mouse wheel. 

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A range selection on the dimension axis only selects the visible values yes, which is not what you want. We should look at this and improve the UI. Sorry that this doesn't work.

The alternative is to make an expression search in the Country field, e.g. =Sum(GDP)>1000000000



Contributor II
Contributor II

Thank you for your reply. 

It is helpful for my service and client. Thanks a lot!