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Version control of QlikView app with Git and Bitbucket


I am trying to start a version control of my application. I have the repository already created in Bitbucket for storing all ETL flows etc. The setup we are currently using is that we make changes locally, then we move it to pre-production environment, from where we move it to production. It's currently all done with copy and paste of .qvw application. 

I wanted to start the actual version control for smooth deployment process and to be sure that me and my colleague work on the same version, which would be super simple with just pushing/pulling the date from and to repo.

The problem is that locally, our app is reduced to 30mb instead of 800mb. The actual reload only happens in the Access Point with a scheduled task. So how it looks is that if you first push the app (.qvw file + prj folder) to pre-prod, it's all good. However, if you reload the app, it's rather tough to pull it to local repo because of it's size. We have to have .qvw file in the repository, as the distribution process seems to be coping it to Public Data folder and only it - so it doesn't reflect any changes as the prj folder is not moved. 

Do anyone of you have similar setup and got it working? I would be super thankful for any idea!


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