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Master II
Master II

What is the optimum layout for a responsive environment in Sense

How does Qlik Sense determine the order in which objects on a sheet are displayed when viewed on smaller viewing devices such as a tablet or mobile?

Is there a suggested layout e.g. Filters on the left hand side?  I have filters on the top and on the left with charts/tables in the middle when I look at the chart in a smaller view port my screen objects appear to display in random order.  Is there a way I can set this order myself or some guidance on how best to layout the screen.



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Master II
Master II

Thanks its a strange one...



With Sense 0.96, there was a bug in the responsive behavior. The behavior you see (and that is wired into 0.96) orders objects based on how they were created. They used to be (up untl 0.96) layed out in a first-created-first-displayed fashion on small screen devices.

With Sense v1.0, we have fixed that issue and now they are layed out in a row and column basis. i.e., starting from top left corner, sense will pickup the first object, and then layout all object in the first row, going from left to right. Then Sense will move to the next row and do the same thing, continuing until it hits the last object on the bottom right corner.



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Contributor III
Contributor III

Hey Mike,

I had also thought of designing dashboards without filter controls and instructing users on using the Selection Tool. However, based on what you said, I understand that there is limited ability to control what is shown in the "App Dimensions" section of the Selection Tool, as only dimensions that are not created on the master list AND are used in the app as dimension are listed in the tool. In my case, I have used the master list extensively or used variables as dimensions to give users more power over what they see. Does that mean that the only way for me to add dimensions into the "App Dimensions" section of the Selection Tool is to create a new sheet with charts/objects that have the desired dimensions (directly from the script)? If so, and seeing as there is no way to hide sheets from users, I would have to tell them to "ignore that sheet", which I prefer not doing. It would be great to have more direct control over what is shown in the "App Dimensions" section!

I also want to say that your comment was the only documentation I found of what exactly is shown in the "App Dimension" section (i.e. that no dimensions in the master list are shown). It would be great to have that added to the appropriate guides (e.g. the "Explore, discover and analyze" guide available at https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense/3.0/Content/Guides.htm). Or have I simply been looking for the documentation in the wrong places (guides & community forum)?