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Where is Session in Authentication Method Dropdown?

My company is trying to achieve API Session Solution with a Qlik Sense 2.1.1 embedded solution.

Under this Authentication Solutions article:

Authentication solutions.jpg

I see 5 authentication solutions:

But under QMC => Virtual Proxies => Authentication => "Authentication method" I see four choices:

  • Ticket
  • Header authentication static user directory
  • Header authentication dynamic user directory
  • SAML

I expected to see a choice named "Session" or "API Session" or "Session Cookie".  I want the cookie we are writing from our Identity Provider named "X-Qlik-Session-Custom" to be read just as the Session Solution article describes.

Q) How do we properly configure via QMC to achieve the Session Solution?

thank you very much,


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Yes, thank you Jeffrey.

The last two videos were helpful to help us figure out our issues with the Session Solution.   I wish those videos were available through the site.

  • Session api IIS config
  • Session api

thank you,


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Hi Jeff,

I know I am asking this after long time but I an trying to do the same thing in my java web application.

I have already authenticated user in my portal using a custom form, added the same session in qlik using session api and set the response cookie.

I assume QPS should look at that session cookie and match , if any session id present with the same value , it should allow us to get the content. In case user directly visit qlik hub then it make sense to redirect the user back to my custom form  ( authentication redirect URI should be used).

When I am trying to access hub after authenticating the user in both portal and qlik, Qlik redirects it back to my portal after appending proxyRestUri and targetId as query parameter in redirect URI.

Since my user is already authenticated at my portal, the user stays on my portal page.

I am not sure what is wrong, I assume qlik shouldn't redirected the user back to my portal as session of user is already exists.



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Sounds like if you are getting redirected back to the portal again and not surfacing Qlik content you want to review the virtual proxy path in your calls to Qlik Server.  You may be setting up the authentication for the virtual proxy, but you need to make sure your calls to resources go through the same virtual proxy path or Qlik Sense is going to redirect you for a new cookie.

It reads like you have all the other items I'd reviewed checked.


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Thanks a lot Jeff for your response.

I debugged it a little more and found that the cookie is not passed to qlik when I request for qlik resources ( through mash  up).

My qlik and portal resides on different sub domain.( might be in separate domain altogether).

In that case I won't be able to set cookie. So can we say this won't work in case of cross domains ?

Now redirect module URI is set to my portal login page and when unauthenticated user try to access hub they are redirect back to my portal by appending proxyRestUri in the URL. I need to redirect the user back to hub once authenticated.Do I need to handle this in my portal login module ?

The proxyRestUri is actually not a back url where user should be redirected back. In my case its coming as


Instead of domain name its adding machine host name and also the actual hub is missing.



Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Hi Jeffrey,

I tried accessing the links but unable to open the links, are those still active?

Thanks & Regards,