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Contributor III
Contributor III

Connection to Atlassian Tempo

Has anyone had any luck pulling data from Tempo? We have associates tracking time in Tempo and want to be able to pull that data out and build some analytics around it.  I haven't had any luck with the REST connector based on the documentation Tempo has online.  There is a nice little integrated PowerBI connector that you can pay for, but we'd rather have the reporting in Qlik.  If you've been able to connect, what worked best for you? 

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Hi @duzford13  We have a Jira connector -

 I couldn't find information on how to retrieve Tempo data with the Jira connector.

I found the site explaining how to utilize Tempo API.

It might be possible to use our Rest Connector using Tempo API.


I hope it helps.



Contributor III
Contributor III

Thank you @Ayaka_Hanazono. We are utilizing the Jira connector, but the worklogs there do not have all of the information. They'll tell you day and hour, but the user is a generic user name.  We need to match up the data and the user so we can report on logged time.  I have tried the rest connector but have had trouble making that connection work through the Qlik native connector.  I had not seen the last link you sent and will try some of the things listed there.