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Creator II
Creator II

Custom Connector: args value in main function of QVX Sdk QvEventLogSimpleconnector Sample


I am trying to implement custom connector in C# for Qliksense 3.0. For that i am first checking with examples. For EvenLogSimpler Example While main method is called initially, args length should be greater than zero, but as if we are running in visual studio it wont be having any values assigned.

So my question is, what genuine value( or what value is passed there from qliksense for connection ) could i pass so that i could put debugger to check flow of control. Now debugger wont move as args.Length =0

I need to know the value of args[0] = parent string = ?

                                         args[1]); = pipelinename = ? that could be passed.

        static void Main(string[] args)


            if (args != null && args.Length >= 2)


                new QvEventLogServer().Run(args[0], args[1]);



Please help me on this. Its really needed. Any idea/Suggestion on this is much appreciated.

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