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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

Does Qlik Web Connector handle authentication and token refresh for Google API

I am using a Qlik Web Connector trial license for Google Analytics right now, first feeling about this tool is that it can generate Qlik Sense qvx scripts being able to load data from Google Analytics API. I have to firstly consent and login to my Google account so I authorize Qlik Connector to access my GA products.

Secondly, I would think of how I can architect my QS application to automatically retrieve data (data in sync with Google Analytics) from google without worrying about the refresh token expiry, therefore I have to build/config authentication to fetch refresh token while sending data request to Google API by OAuth2.

Out of curiosity, my question now can be as simple as: what is the scene behind this encrypted_refresh_token.

Does Qlik Web Connector handle token refresh in the backend therefore the encrypted_refresh_token will always be decrypted into newly refreshed access-token? What I am seeing right now is the value of encrypted_refresh_token never changed and I wasn't even asked to authenticate myself even after 24 hours or 48 hours.

Qlik Google Analytics Connector encrypted_refresh_token.png

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