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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Errors with SugarCRM Connector

Hello every Qlik readers ! 😃


I am using SugarCRM connector on Qlik Cloud and I am facing some issues with it regarding how it is working and how many records the connector is retreiving versus the database data.


First point - SugarCRM connector malfunction 

I would like to extract employees from a SugarCRM instance. For this I am using the CustomModule table because Employees module does not exist on "standard" tables.

That way, I am facing an error with Qlik SugarCRM connector wizard mentionning No columns returned.

I know by experience and by testing that a workaround can be using the Fields forms and mentionned only field I need but would like to know why we are facing this error.


Second point - SugarCRM connector does not retreive the same amount of records than the standard API or depending on Fields form

Again for my Employee module, I restrict the extraction to the id field.

With this configuration, I retrieve 1590 lines which is the same amount of lines I have with the API calls with Postman. This is OK 👍.

Nevertheless, I would like more than the id and want to retrieve a custom field. When I add this field to my fields form, generate the script and reload the script, I retrieve only 598 lines. Since here, I don't understand why I am losing some lines. I verify if lost records has empty or null value for this new field but it is not the case.

Where does the gap come from ? Am I doing something wrong ?



Do you, guys, already try the SugarCRM connector ? Have any feedback to help on this topic ?

Please, do not hesitate to share your experience here.


Alexandre CHAMPIRÉ

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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Hi again 😊 !


Is there any Qlik employee or other Qlikkies who can help me on this topic or can share me any feedback regarding the content I wrote ?



Alexandre CHAMPIRÉ