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Filter data from multiple source

I wish to filter data from postgre sql and excel data source. Scenario is:  I have one user data in excel which i have loaded in qlik sense desktop version. Now connected to postgre sql db and loaded accounts data in qlik sense desktop version. Finally wants to create a new table with filtered data by joining these two data tables on some criteria. is it possible in qlik sense desktop version? Any help is appreciated.

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If I understood correctly you want to only join both tables?

If so, its quite simple and possible to do in Qlik Sense Desktop.

1. Load the data from excel spreadsheet.

2. Create a connection to your database to load the db data.

3. See the common fields you wants to join both tables

4. Use the join statement to create a single table with all the fields you want.

5. Enjoy your new table .

That's it mostly and since you didn't share enough information as to fields / tables you have or how you want to join them, here's a link of Qlik Help with some examples you can use to do so:

Combining tables with Join and Keep ‒ Qlik Sense