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General Web Connector to QRS API

Hi All,


I was wondering if anyone has used the General Web Connector to connect to the QRS API, I know could do this using the built in REST Connector but the REST Connector does not support PUT or Delete methods.  My goal is to duplicate an app and then publish that duplicate using a Qlik Sense Load Script.  I have a Post Rest Connection to my QRS API that I can use to duplicate an app but I cannot publish it using the Rest Connector because this uses PUT method, I am hoping I can do this piece using the General Web Connector but am not sure how to go about it from an authentication perspective.  Curious if anyone has any thoughts



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Specialist II
Specialist II

This sounds like it could work - I would suggest just trying it out.

Incidentally - there is a feature request on the Ideas site to add support for other HTTP methods:

Worth upvoting/liking if you need this.