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Creator III
Creator III

Oracle Connector Advanced Options?

Does anyone have a list of the parameters and values that can be used in the Qlik Oracle Connector? For example, I know MEMLIM is one of them. What are the others? 




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Creator III
Creator III

Does anyone work here anymore🙂

Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

Hi @stvegerton ,

I have the same question.  I've been looking around and it seems that the Qlik ODBC Connector package is an OEM from SIMBA, since the only place in the web where I have found a reference to MEMLIM is in the SIMBA website.  I believe that in the ORACLE documentation the MEMLIM parameter is called "Fetch Buffer Size (FBS)", but I am not 100% certain.  I have looked in the ORACE ODBC documentation for other "advanced parameters" for ODBC and have not found anything relevant besides this.

Perhaps, we can ask this question to the Connectors R&D PM,  his name is Alexey Dubovenko and he recently gave a very interesting presentation about this topic, but didn't go into this issue of additional parameters.  Unfortunately I can't find his user name in the Qlik community.

Perhaps @Melissa_Potvin, Community Admin, can help us in relying the request for an answer to this question to Mr. Dubovenko or someone in his team.