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QAP Authentication / Access

We currently use Qlik Sense Enterprise and in our current set up, we embed Qlik Sheets (using the URL from the Single Configurator) into our two platform sites and users can then access the dashboards. I have been working with the new Qlik QAP environment that we recently purchased and I have successfully added users via the User Directory Connectors. 

The issue that I am currently working through is that when the sheets are embedded from the QAP server, that the QAP is requesting additional authentication from the user when they attempt to run the report (access the dashboards). When I am logged into the QAP QMC or Dev Hub, I can run the report via the external site with no issue, but if I am not logged in to the QAP when running the report, QAP requests my credentials. 

Does anybody have any documentation or assistance they can provide to help us permit named users of our platforms access to the dashboards from the QAP without having to provide additional authentication?

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Hi @Ryan_McGregor ,

Qlik Sense Enteprise license is different from QAP License.  QAP licenses are essentially core based license.  Qlik recommends developing the app on Qlik Sense Enteprise and then moving the app to QAP. 

QAP app cant be accessed from hub. They can be consumed only via mashup or single configurator.  You need to use ticketing or session based authentication to allow users access QAP Seamlessly from the portal which has embedded the mashup/single configurator.

You can view https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgbYSWykhtM to get more clarity.

Hope this helps.